“Sally My Teacher”

The Story of a Beautiful Clydesdale Mare… Bringing Lessons and Messages of Self-Healing to Readers

Sally book coverSally My Teacher, is the first beautiful story written from teachings received from many animals who each help bring peaceful lessons in life. These messages help shape your world for the better as you may face different challenges throughout day-to-day life. Sally teaches you to resolve the challenges you face with resisting change. How do you say how your life should be? What you resist persists. In learning to let go of the natural urge to resist change, your life improves in amazing ways.

The Universe has a grand, never ending plan for you. Your life gets better and better and changes in positive ways you could never dream of, as you release resistance and allow yourself Peaceful People Speak.

The animal energy behind these stories helps you release, heal and/or let go of anything that is no longer of use, in order for you to speak to yourself peaceful ly, in the same way animals speak to one another. Sally gives you her energy as a gift to bring you peace and healing in your life, wherever you may need.

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Nov 22 Yodi and Chi ChiAbout Linda

Linda grew up in NZ and now lives in Australia. Years spent with farm animals and pets, teaching children and adults their respect, as well as working in mining and construction industries has given her global connector skills for people to network into Peaceful People Speak, ways animals peacefully communicate one another.

These  animal stories are one of the techniques used to teach recognition and understanding  into messages you receive daily.  Messages can arrive through your thoughts, your pets, nature and other ways. Linda also teaches step-by-step earth-friendly ways and how to use your own energy for the freedom of having healthy happy soil, plants, animals. Soil is our legacy, our lifeblood and a conduit to a peaceful lifestyle of health and happiness.