The Secrets of Healthy Soil

The Secrets of Healthy Soil

Carbiculture encompasses earth friendly farming, all that is good for the soil.  The return to natural farming the way nature intended.  This is the place where thousands and thousands of city and rural “farmers” with land of all shapes and sizes all around the world, are flocking back to.

Our intention is to assist you restore your soil to vibrant healthy life, to provide nutrition right through the food chain of plants, animals and humans for a lifestyle of health and sustainability.

Whether you are growing or wanting to grow pasture, fruits, veges, flowers, horses, cattle, hens, pigs. goats, nutrition starts in the soil.under your feet.  Learn in an easy to understand format.

Our passion is farming and gardening for healthy, nutritious, chemical free, organic style foods for humans and animals using simple cost effective means. Our intention is for you to have an enjoyable relationship as we provide ongoing up to date information in relation to soil nutrition 

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We promise to help answer your questions and discuss a variety of easy methods, leading the way to restore the energy and vitality to your soil, to help you in turn increase your own health, energy and vitality.

Easily grow vibrant healthy nutritional foods using time proven methods  farming and gardening free of chemicals and pesticides

Learn the value of soil testing, make simple garden sprays in minutes, create odour free compost, quick compost teas, grow your own earthworms. Learn the value of weeds and insects in a positive light for the messages they bring.

“the increasing number of farmers and gardeners reverting to using to nature’s wisdom”

Join the increasing number of farmers and gardeners from all walks of life, young and old, reverting to using nature’s wisdom is multiplying rapidly all around the world.

Are you aware of the troubling facts and figures coming to light all around the world of pesticides impacting human health? Millions of people are becoming aware of the need for change. It is wonderful to see the farming practices of olden times being applied with new innovations and renewed enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is to regenerate healthy soil is gathering and growing into unstoppable momentum.  bg.jpg

Will you Join us here and learn to farm with renewed passion and enthusiasm away from fears associated with using chemicals and pesticides?

Come and enjoy the benefits of working in ways which mirror those nature intended. People from all walks of life right up to CEO’s of international organisations are embracing and using these methods.

“it is better to do the right thing a little badly, than the wrong thing extremely well”

Do you desire to live a lifestyle of health and sustainability?

You can grow vibrant fruit and vegetables you most likely have never seen or tasted before. See your pastures increase in both productivity and biodiversity.

Experience the renewed ability of your soil to better cope with droughts, frosts, floods. Grow animals with healthy immune systems becoming free of the need for internal and external chemical applications. Carblculture embraces, practices and gives real life examples.

Find step by step procedures along with visuals, tips and tricks to help you. Plus success stories of individuals from different walks of life who have made the earth friendly farming change for a healthy outcome.

Read Articles that challenge your thinking of what you may have learnt elsewhere.

While you may find an abundance of free information around, be aware there is also a growing amount of either misguided/misleading information and products also around.

A return to the better health of this planet earth is possible. Find how nature has an amazing ability to make a fast turnaround to health and fitness in a short matter of time from months to years.

Biological Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Radionics, Chemical Free, Organic, Permaculture, Carbon Farming, Earthworms, Holistic Management, Sustainable Living. Vertical Walls, Green walls:

There is no one quick fix to suit all. A combination is the key. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Every individual has their own goal they are working towards, even if that be gardening in pots!

Different temperatures and rainfall also play a part in what solution you may require. Carbiculture gives you choices.  Have fun and make your own recipe for success.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants, Food, and Animals = Healthy Humans

Join us on your journey to a healthy world through healthy soil, regardless of your background, One step, called ACTION, is all it takes. Be prepared to embark on a long term love affair with your soil!Bench seat heart

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito” Dalai Lama